Electric Power System Research

The increased frequency of the occurrence of extreme weather conditions in recent years have alarmed an urgent call for reducing carbon emission in the world. Three leading carbon emission sectors in 2019 are transportation (29%), electricity (25%), and industry (23%), according to the U.S. EPA. With the ongoing re-electrification upgrades, the transportation sector and the industry sector are transforming from the traditional fossil fuel technologies to the electrical ones, transferring carbon reduction duties to the electricity generation sector. Thus, the electric power grid will anticipate a continuing increase of power consumption in the near future due to the re-electrification, and will be expected to generate electricity majorly from the renewables due to its carbon duty. These expecations urge power engineers to re-design and upgrade the existing power system in order to maintain its stability, reliability and efficiency under highly variable operation conditions with an ultra high-dimensional decision space and strong nonlinearity.  Therefore, more advanced system theories, solvers and optimization methods need to be invented.